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Elaine N. Lalanne, Ph.D.
Assistant Research Scientist, CASPR

Before joining CASPR as an Assistant Research Scientist, Dr. Lalanne received a PhD from the joint department of Applied Physics from New Jersey Institute of Technology/ Rutgers University-Newark in May 2003. She conducted research investigating the ultrafast photophysics and nonlinear optical properties of Silicon nanostructured materials and single-walled carbon nanotubes.  Her dissertation work focused on the nonlinear refractive index and time resolved measurements. She received an IEEE/LEOS Graduate Student Dissertation Fellowship in 2001. She received a BA in physics from Wellesley College in 1994. She has extensive experience in the use of ultrafast laser systems such as Ti:sapphire oscillator , Ti:sapphire regenerative amplifier, Ti:sapphire pumped optical parametric oscillator and the Nd:YAG laser . At CASPR, she is responsible for helping Dr. Johnson to develop and run the Ultrafast Optics and Optoelectronics Laboratory. She has extended her research to investigate ultrashort pulse propagation in fibers and optical limiting.  She is a member of Optical Society of America (OSA), American Physical Society (APS) and National Society of Black Physicists (NSBP). She is a current member of the OSA Member and Education Services Council (MES). She will be presenting an invited talk at the US-Africa Advanced Studies Institute in Durban, South African on November 3-12, 2005.







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