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UMBC professors and students in the Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, the Department of Physics, the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, and other departments conduct research in various aspects of photonics. Their research has been sponsored by government and commercial organizations in the UMBC area. Goals cover a wide range, including basic foundations of physics, materials properties studies, advanced electro-optic device research and development, analytical and experimental applications in wide-band communications, networks, sensing and signal processing. Examples of research projects currently in progress that are being conducted outside of CASPR administration are listed below. They are divided into three categories: sensors and photonic devices, high-rate communications, and networks. Sponsoring agencies are also listed.

P.I. or Co-P.I. Agency Title Period
Hayden NSF Electro-optic Polymers for Wide-Band Thz Applications 6/02 to 5/05
Shih NSF Quantum Entanglement and Information Processing 2001 to 2004
Menyuk NSF Mathematical and Computational Methods in High-Data-Rate Optical Fiber Communications 8/01/01 to 7/31/04
Menyuk NSF Signal Processing for High-Data-Rate Optical Communication Systems 1/1/02 to 12/31/04
Menyuk NSF Polarization Effects in Long-Haul Terrestrial Optical Communication Systems 9/1/02 to 8/31/05
Carter NSF High-Data-Rate, High-Capacity Digital Optical Communication System 5/1/01 to 4/30/06
Adali NSF Ultra-High-Capacity Optical Communications and Networking: Signal Processing for High-Data-Rate Comm Systems 1/1/02 to 12/31/04
.   .   NETWORKS . 
Thomas NSA Efficient IP-Based UMTS Networks 5/24/02 to 12/31/06
Carter NSA High-Speed Optical Networking 5/24/02 to 5/23/04
Choa AFOSR, DARPA, MTO, ITO Optoelectronic Devices, Optical Networks, Optical Materials .

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