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Business Technology Administration

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Andrew Sears


Guisseppi Forgionne
Aryya Gangopadhyay
Anthony F. Norcio
Roy Rada
Henry Walbesser
Victoria Yoon

Associate Professors

Gerald Canfield
Henry Emurian
Aryya Gangopadhyay
George Karabatis
Wayne Lutters
Carolyn Seaman
Dongsong Zhang
Lina Zhou

Assistant Professors

Zhiyuan Chen
Zhiling Guo
Vandana Janeja
Anita Komlodi
A. Gunes Koru
Ravi Kuber
A. Ant Ozok
Sredeevi Sampath

Senior Lecturers

Amy Everhart
Tate Redding


Dina Gorin Glazer
Jeffrey D. Martens
John Schwartz
Valeri Scott
Dana Smith

Research Faculty

Mohit Arora
Ashish Joshi

Courses in this program are listed under IS and BTA.

The United States and other developed countries depend on computers for almost every transaction that occurs in our everyday lives. Many people refer to the present as the information age, and it is computer systems that have made this possible. The Department of Information Systems offers programs to prepare students to be the technical people who design, build and manage these computer systems or to be knowledgeable users of them.

The information systems program is interdisciplinary, including courses in mathematics and statistics, computer programming, management science, economics and technical writing, as well as specific courses in computer information system analysis, design, construction and management. Career learning through cooperative education assignments is strongly encouraged.

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Technology Administration (BTA) is designed for students who want a grounding in the development and use of office systems based on microcomputers. Another major, minor or certificate program in a field of the student’s interest must be completed along with the B.A. curriculum to qualify for the degree.