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Carol Hess

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Doug Hamby
Elizabeth Walton


Sandra L. Lacy

Courses in this program are listed under DANC.

The dance department faculty brings extensive professional experience in various techniques and styles to teaching dance at UMBC. With a primary focus on modern dance and contemporary methods of work, the curriculum gives students opportunities to develop strong technique, composition and performance. By studying the history of dance and related courses, students also gain an understanding of the origins of dance, cultural traditions of dance and the changing world of contemporary dance. The program’s main focus is performance. Students have regular opportunities, both formal and informal, to develop their performance skills. Students generally perform in department concerts at the end of each semester, in dances choreographed by faculty, visiting artists or other dance majors. Students also may have the opportunity to choreograph for department concerts and to create self-designed projects through independent studies. Because dance is studied in an atmosphere with many opportunities for connection with the other arts, students also develop their awareness of potential influences and new possibilities in performance. The artist-in-residence program brings well-known contemporary choreographers and/or teachers to the UMBC faculty for a full semester each year. This offers students the opportunity to work intensively with established dance artists and to be exposed to different ideas and methods of choreography. The program further develops students’ versatility in different techniques and styles. Recent visiting artists have included Mark Coniglio and Dawn Stoppiello, Tonya Lockyer, David Rousseve, Adrienne Clancy, Mary Williford, Jeanine Durning and Gesel Mason.

Requirements for the B.A. in Dance

The requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in Dance (approved by the Maryland Higher Education Commission in summer 2001) consist of a minimum of 58 credits. A grade of “C” is the minimum acceptable for credit toward the major, with the exception of DANC 320: Intermediate Modern Dance Technique II, the gateway course for the major, which requires a minimum grade of “B.”

A. Dance Techniques (minimum 20 credits)

Modern Dance Technique
A minimum of 12 credits in modern dance technique, which must include the following courses:

  • DANC 310 Intermediate Modern Dance Technique I [3]
  • DANC 320 Intermediate Modern Dance Technique II [3]
  • DANC 410 Advanced Modern Dance Technique I [3]
  • DANC 420 Advanced Modern Dance Technique II [3]

  • Ballet Technique
    A minimum of eight credits in ballet technique, which must include the following repeatable courses:

  • DANC 216 Intermediate Ballet [2]
  • DANC 316 High Intermediate Ballet [2]

  • Students entering the program at a higher level of ballet may apply DANC 416: Advanced Ballet to this requirement.

    B. Choreographic Process (9 credits)

  • DANC 230 Improvisation [3]
  • DANC 330 Dance Composition I [3]
  • DANC 331 Dance Composition II [3]

  • C. Performance (5 credits)

  • DANC 350 Dance Workshop [2]
  • DANC 450 Repertory [3]

  • D. Dance History (6 credits)

  • DANC 201 History of Dance I [3]
  • DANC 202 History of Dance II [3]

  • E. Dance and Related Disciplines (13-15 credits)

  • VPA 225 Ideas in the Arts [3]
  • VPA 325 Contemporary Art in Process [3]
  • DANC 340 Dance and Technology [3]

  • F. Technical Theater

  • DANC 399 Dance Practicum [3]

  • One of the following courses:

  • DANC 260/AFST 215 Introduction to African Dance [3]
  • AMST 230 The Arts in America [AH] [3]
  • ANTH 211 Cultural Anthropology [SS or C] [3]
  • ART 100 Introduction to the Imaging Arts: Photography, Film, Video and Computer Art [AH] [3]
  • ART 220 Art History I [AH] [3]
  • ART 221 Art History II [AH] [3]
  • MUSC 100 Introduction to Music [AH] [3]
  • MUSC 170 Beginning Voice Class [1]
  • MUSC 188 Percussion Class [1]
  • MUSC 230 Musics of the World [AH] [3]
  • PHIL 260 Philosophy of Art [AH] [3]
  • THTR 110 Introduction to Acting [AH] [3]
  • THTR 210 History of the Theatre I [AH] [3]
  • THTR 220 History of the Theatre II [AH] [3]
  • THTR 234 Makeup for the Stage [2]
  • THTR 235 Lighting Design [3]
  • THTR 237 Sound Design [3]

  • G. Capstone Experience (3 credits)

  • DANC 475 Senior Projects [3]