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Religious Studies

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James Grubb


Jere M. Cohen
Raphael Falco
Jay M. Freyman
Marjoleine Kars
Willie B. Lamouse-Smith
Rudolph H. Storch

Courses in this program are listed under RLST.

The Religious Studies Program, available as a minor, gives students a broad knowledge of humanity's rich religious heritage and increases their appreciation of the human religious experience. The program is interdisciplinary, drawing on the resources of many departments.

Professors from seven UMBC departments, as well as visiting professors from other universities, offer courses in the Religious Studies Program.

The variety of responses that belief systems historically have given to such questions as the existence of good and evil, the problem of undeserved suffering, the role of religion in secular society and the afterlife all are considered.

The interdisciplinary nature of the minor, which combines different approaches to the study of religion, should make it appealing to students of widely differing backgrounds and majors.