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Ancient Studies

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Marilyn Y. Goldberg

Associate Professors

Jay M. Freyman
Walter K. Sherwin
Rudolph H. Storch


Richard Mason

Courses in this program are listed under ANCS and ARCH and HIST and LATN and GREK.

Major Program

Students seeking a Bachelor of Arts in Ancient Studies must complete the following course of study:

A. One of the fallowing (3 credits)

ANCS 201
The Ancient Greeks
ANCS 202
The Roman World
ANCS 203
Earliest Christianity

B.One of the fallowing (3 credits)

ARCH 200
Greek Archaeology
ARCH 201
Roman Archaeology

C.One of the fallowing (3 credits)

HIST 453
The Ancient Greeks

HIST 455
The Roman Republic
HIST 456
The Roman Empire

D. Nine credits at the 300 level or above in ancient studies, Latin, Greek, archaeology, ancient history or other approved subject areas

E. Nine credits in any of the above or in related subject areas, e.g., philosophy or anthropology, as approved by the department

Majors also must complete one of the following options:

Option I (3 Credits)
One three-credit, 300- or 400-level course in Latin or Greek

Option II
A student who majors in ancient studies may complete his or her course of study by completing GREK 201 or LATN 201, plus any combination of two additional “L” or “C” courses. All culture courses in Option II must be taught by a member of the ancient studies faculty.

Note: Students planning to enter graduate school must follow Option I and must take more language courses than required by Option I. See a member of the ancient studies faculty for guidance. Students planning to teach Latin must take five courses of Latin at the 300 level or above and receive a grade of “A” or “B” in each.
No course in which the student has earned a grade less than “C” shall count toward completion of the major option.