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Faculty List for Environmental Science and Environmental Studies


Brian Bradley

B. Agriculture, Queens University (Ireland), 1961; Diploma in Animal Genetics, University of Edinburgh, 1962; M.S., University of Wisconsin, 1964; Ph.D., 1966

William R. LaCourse

B.S., Charter Oak College, 1982; Ph.D, Northeastern University, 1987

Laura Lewis

B.S., Washington State University, 1996; Ph.D., University of California, Davis, 2006

Virginia McConnell

B.A., Smith College, 1969; Ph.D., University of Maryland, College Park, 1978

Andrew Miller

B.A., Brown University, 1975; Ph.D., The Johns Hopkins University, 1983

Nagaraj K. Neerchal

B.S., Indian Statistical Institute, 1981; M.S., 1982; Ph.D., Iowa State University, 1986

Robert Neff

B.S., Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, 1996; M.S., 1998; Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University, 2005

Samir Ol Omari

B.S., University of Maryland Baltimore County, 2003: M.A., 2006

Eugene P. Parker

B.A., The Ohio State University, 1972; M.A., 1974; M.S., 1975; Ph.D., University of Colorado, 1981

Karin E. Readel

B.S., State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry, 1987; M.S., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1995

Christopher M. Swan

B.S., West Chester University, 1994; M.S., University of Maryland, College Park, 1997; Ph.D., 2003