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Undergraduate Catalog 2012

Physical Education


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Charles Brown

Program Coordinator

Michael D'Archangelo


Anthony Adams
John Ballesteros
Kelly Berger
Ian Blanchard
David Bobb
Fred Cantor
Pete Caringi
Quinn Carney
Courtney Connor
Chad Cradock
Rob Cross
Michelle Daniels
Steve Deem
Brianne Dey
Christopher Driscoll
Kelly Fahey
Renee Foard
Joe French
Joshua Garner
Chris Gibeau
Jessica Hammond
John Jancuska
Brianna Koche
Steve Levy
Tom Maier
Randy Monroe
Bob Mumma
Alessandra Pedergnana
Keith Puryear
Keith Puryear
Phil Stern
Andrew Torge
Alllison Tracy
Tim Walker
Donald Zimmerman


Pete Caringi

Courses in this program are listed under PHED .

*With the exception of PHED 202, all PHED courses carry 1.5 institutional credits and are graded on a pass/fail scale. All activities are open to both men and women. Two activity courses are required to be completed prior to graduation. Activities vary each semester and are listed in the online schedule of classes. For additional, information, contact Mike D’Archangelo at 410.455.6883 or