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Undergraduate Catalog 2013

Asian Studies

ASIA 100 (3.00)

Introduction to Asian Studies

This course introduces students to the field of Asian Studies. Topics such as the concept of Asia, the historiography of the study of Asia (how Asia has been viewed in academic scholarship and popular culture), the debate about 'Asian values' and contemporary Asian culture will be explored. Guest speakers will introduce the study of Asia from the perspective of their particular disciplines, such as economics, music, history, gender and women's studies, visual arts, and literature.
   Course ID: 100491
   Consent: No Special Consent Required
   Components: Lecture

ASIA 300 (3.00)

Topics in Asian Studies

Topics vary, depending on the instructor. This course is repeatable for credit
   Course ID: 100607
   Consent: No Special Consent Required
   Components: Lecture
   Topics: Art and Power in Japan, 1600 to the Present, Early Chinese Poetry & Prose, Arts of Japan, Sex and Terror in Modern Japanese Literature, Gender in Modern South Asia, Classics of Japanese Literature, Past and Present, Japanese Performance Arts, Korean Politics and International Relations, A Tale of 2 Koreas: Korean Perceptions of the Past, Changing Power Configurations in the 21st Century, EVERYDAY LIVES IN A CHANGING SOUTH ASIA, The Tao of Intermedia, Victorian India, City and Cinema in South Asia, Comparative Asian Politics., Vis Cult City & Cin in S Asia

ASIA 329 (3.00)

Early and Medieval Chinese Literature

This course is an introduction to important works of the classical literary tradition of China from the Zhou Dynasty (1045-221 BCE) through the Northern Song dynasty (976-1127 CE). In a chronological survey of the important writers of the early and medieval periods, the course tackles some fundamental questions of the Chinese literary tradition, including the meanings of the word that came to mean literary writing, wen, and the place of wen in traditional Chinese culture; which genres of writing became the most prominent in the early tradition, and why; and the ways in which the scope of Chinese literature broaden and changed. The course is taught in English, with no knowledge of Chinese language required. Recommended Course Preparation: MLL301 or ASIA100 or HIST103 (any one of these three)
   Course ID: 101870
   Consent: No Special Consent Required
   Components: Lecture
   Same as Offering: MLL 329
   Requirement Group: You must complete MLL 301 or ASIA 100 or HIST 103

ASIA 399 (1.00 - 3.00)

Internship in Asian Studies

Field work related to Asian Studies. Course requires permission of the Program Director. To receive that permission the student must complete the Asian Studies Program Internship Contract Form and have it signed by the Asian Studies Program Director. Internships are open only to juniors and seniors.
   Course ID: 100608
   Consent: Department Consent Required
   Components: Independent Study

ASIA 400 (1.00 - 3.00)

Special Projects in Asian Studies

Note: Open to junior/senior Asian Studies majors with special study projects and at least a B average in Asian Studies. In extraordinary circumstances, exceptions may be made with permission of the instructor. Variable credit course repeatable up to 3 credits.
   Course ID: 101760
   Consent: No Special Consent Required
   Components: Lecture