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Undergraduate Catalog 2013

Global Studies

GLBL 101 (3.00)

Introduction to Global Studies

An introduction to the forces of globalization affecting economic, political and social relations in the twenty-first century. This topic is inherently multi- and interdisciplinary and so the course will feature units on the parameters of the global economy, institutions of global governance, and the challenges of human security - all of which increasingly transcend borders. Intended as a first course in Global Studies for both majors and non-majors.
   Course ID: 101942
   Consent: No Special Consent Required
   Components: Lecture

GLBL 301 (3.00)

Approaches to Globalization

This seminar course closely examines the dynamics of globalization and the ways in which different disciplines try to understand its causes and consequences. Beginning with causes, cultural, economic, political, social, and technological drivers of globalization will be studied. Moving on to consequences, the focus will be on issues such as the diffusion of cultural norms, the conduct of diplomacy, development and public health, environmental challenges, international trade and finance, political activism and state-society relations, large-scale population movements (refugees, migrants, diaspora communities), and the proliferation of weapons. Throughout the course, students will consider how the various Global Studies disciplines conceptualize and analyze globalization's dynamics. Emphasis will be placed on careful reading, seminar discussions, and structured writing assignments.
   Course ID: 101962
   Consent: No Special Consent Required
   Components: Lecture

GLBL 386 (3.00)

The Politics of Development

This course examines how the process of economic development is governed on the national, transnational and international levels. Theories of political modernization, imperialism and dependency, the developmental state, neoliberalism and post-developmentalism will be used as alternative approaches in the study of several policy areas, such as international trade,technology and intellectual property, social welfare and natural resources. Recommended Preparation: (GLBL101and GLBL301) OR (POLI260 and POLI280)
   Course ID: 102074
   Consent: No Special Consent Required
   Components: Lecture
   Same as Offering: POLI 386

GLBL 409 (3.00)

Selected Topics in Global Studies

Study of a particular topic in Global Studies. The specific topic will be announced before registration. Recommended Course Preparation: GLBL 101
   Course ID: 101969
   Consent: No Special Consent Required
   Components: Lecture

GLBL 483 (3.00)

International Negotiation

This course presents the principles of international negotiation. Using the case study method and a multiparty negotiation simulation, students will learn in hands-on fashion about the theory and practice of negotiation. Key conceptual notions include game theoretic models of strategic situations and mediation approaches. Special topics include the role of the media in agenda-setting, the importance of non-state actors in the 21 st century diplomatic arena, and the challenges of public goods issues in international and transnational negotiations. Recommended Course Preparation: POLI 280
   Course ID: 102083
   Consent: No Special Consent Required
   Components: Lecture
   Same as Offering: POLI 483