CCCSTEP- College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences Community College Student Transfer Excellence Program

The College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences supported the pilot CCCSTEP at UMBC to explore strategies to promote the success of select transfer students from area community colleges.  Eligible students were invited to apply to CCCSTEP at UMBC during its three years of operation and they received a $500 Scholarship for their first fall semester at UMBC. Each participant who remained in good standing with the program received an additional $500 scholarship for the following spring semester for a total possible award of $1,000 per person per year.

CCCSTEP Scholars were required to participate in monthly activities and ‘Short and Sweet’ brown bag seminars’ geared to enhance their academic success at UMBC.  CCCSTEP Scholars were involved in educational planning activities and received proactive academic monitoring and guidance.  In addition to being recognized as CCCSTEP Scholars on campus, participants received support from the CNMS Dean’s Office and were matched with a department academic advisor with knowledge of transfer student issues.

A 2009 STEM-Planning Grant from the University System of Maryland supported an external evaluation of the CCCSTEP, which was designed to serve as a basis for future transfer student support. Formative and summative evaluations were critical components of this pilot program. There was an emphasis on encouraging participants to consider secondary science or math education as possible career paths after graduation.

The program received the support of the members of the CCCSTEP Advisory Board, which was comprised of:

  • Dr. Philip Rous, CNMS Dean
  • Dr. Geoff Summers, Vice President for Research at UMBC
  • Kathy Lee Sutphin, CNMS Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs
  • Michelle Bulger, UMBC Life Sciences Advisor

CCCSTEP Eligibility