CCCSTEP- College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences Community College Student Transfer Excellence Program

Typical Program Calendar
2009 – 2010 CCCSTEP at UMBC




By August 24

CCCSTEP Scholars return signed paperwork from Award packages with citizenship documentation to CNMS Office

August 31

Program Orientation Luncheon with Dr. Rous and Mrs. Sutphin
Focus: Early Strategies for Success - Meet the CCCSTEP Scholars
Attend UMBC Convocation 2009 at 3:30 p.m. in the RAC as a group

September 18
Short and Sweet Kick Off Luncheon and Seminar 1
Focus: Career Opportunities for STEM Majors and Pathways to STEM Education
Lunch will be provided

10 - 25

Scholars Meet Their Faculty Advisors – Check on their office hours, policies, and ask how they should prepare for advising session for spring and future semesters

Scholars to Schedule Independently

October 16
Short and Sweet Brown Bag Seminar 2 -
Focus: Understanding and Making Use of UMBC Support Systems”
    Featuring the CCCSTEP Scholars Cohort #1
    Drinks and Dessert provided


Short and Sweet Brown Bag Seminar 3 -
Focus:   “ Undergraduate Research Ops including “URCAD & URA Opportunities at UMBC” –Drinks and Dessert provided

By Nov. 20

Meet with Faculty Advisor for Spring Scheduling  – Note: Students who plan to graduate May 2010 are eligible to apply online for graduation using myUMBC within two semesters of completing their coursework. Questions? Contact the Office of the Registrar 410-455-3158 or

Scholars to Schedule Independently


Short and Sweet Brown Bag Seminar 4 – What CCCSTEP Scholars Need to Know about Resumes, Personal Statements and Letters of Recommendation –
Drinks and Dessert provided

Dec. 11-17

Final Exams 

January – after UMBC grades are issued and before January 23

January – Individual Meetings with all CCCSTEP Scholars for
(Student responsibility to schedule 30 to 60 minute meetings for grade reviews. submission of resumes and personal statements, and education/career plan reality checks)

Jan. 4-26

Winter Session 2010 (Spring Semester begins Jan 27, 2010)

January - February

Spring Semester Check Up with Faculty Advisor

Scholars to Schedule Independently


Final Deadline for students who plan to graduate in May 2010 to submit the Undergraduate Diploma Application – Important to Apply Early to Avoid Problems!


February 19 -
rescheduled from Feb. 12th due to snow

Short and Sweet Seminar 5– Dr. Philip Rous
“Professional Career Pathways”
Drinks and Dessert provided


Short and Sweet Brown Bag Seminar 6 – Michelle Bulger
“Time Management 411” - Drinks and Dessert provided

By April 20

Meet with Faculty Advisor for Fall Scheduling  –

Scholars to Schedule Independently

April 26 & 27, 2010

CCCSTEP Scholars help set up the 14th Annual URCAD – Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievement Day at UMBC – Required.

April 28, 2010

CCCSTEP Scholars Attend the 14th Annual URCAD – Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievement Day at UMBC – Visit or Participation Required.

May 7, 2010

CNMS Student Recognition Day – All students should arrive by 3:00 p.m. and plan to be
recognized for participation in the CCCSTEP at UMBC.

May 14

No classes - Tentative CCCSTEP Evaluation Focus Group Lunches

May 17-21

Final Exams


May 24

UMBC’s Undergraduate Commencement 

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