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Era 10:
1968 to the Present - Contemporary United States

U.S. Foreign Policy and the Iran-Contra Affair: Was Oliver North a Patriot, a Pawn, or an Outlaw?
Contextualizing a Historical Photograph: Busing and the Anti-busing Movement in Boston
Women's Rights in the American Century
The Iran Hostage Crisis
Breaking News from Reuters-Daily updates on the events of the world
Cigarette Manufacturer Ordered to Pay Billions in Damages (CBS News)
Obesity Threatens to Cut U.S. Life Expectancy (National Institute of Health)
Human Genome Completed: Radio Broadcast (NPR)
The Cherokee Nation Today
The Ronald Reagan Library
Tianaman Square 1989, the Declassified History
The Cuban Missile Crisis-40 Years Later
9/11 Memory Project at the Library of Congress
Casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan
9/11 Commission Report
Barack Obama's 2008 Acceptance Speech
A History of Apple Computers
The Modern Supreme Court
Advertising in America
The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy
Governor Spiro Agnew and the Baltimore City Riots, April 1968
Schowgurow v. Maryland
Major and Minor League Baseball in Baltimore
UMBC An Honors University in Maryland