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Era 2:
1585 to 1763 - Colonization and Settlement

What Factors Brought Settlers to Maryland?

Pontiac's War
This Land is Whose Land?
Account of the First English Colony in North America (Modern History Sourcebook
Eye of the Beholder:  European Interpretations of Native American Culture
Charting the Chesapeake, 1590-1700
Capt. John Smith and the Exploration of the Chesapeake Bay
Planting of the Colony of Maryland
The Role of Tobacco in Proprietary Maryland
The Planting of the Colony of Maryland
Mathias de Sousa
Mathias de Sousa: Information on Maryland’s First Free Black
'Till Death Do Us Part: Maryland Marriage Laws, 1640-1900
Margaret Brent:  America's First Suffragette
Daniel Dulany: Indentured Servant to Statesman
Two Acts of Toleration: 1649 and 1826
Native Americans in New France (Canada)
Indian-Colonial Relations in Laws and Official Documents
Iron Plantations: the Manufacture of Iron in the Province of Maryland
Exposure of Native Americans to Smallpox (Modern History Sourcebook)
Drawing the Line: Surveying the Mason-Dixon Boundary
Settling Down in Baltimore
Roots for Kids
NEW! Children's Lives at Colonial London Town: The Stories of Three Families (digital storybook and website)

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