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Hampton: A Revolutionary Place
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Era 3:
1754 to 1820 - Revolution and the New Nation

Where Did Thomas Jefferson Stand on the Issue of Slavery?
Road to Revolution: How did Actions and Responses Lead to an Independent United States?
Should the Colonists Have Revolted?
Was the Stamp Act Fair?
Who Burned the Peggy Stewart?
Democratic Ideas of the 1776 Maryland Convention
Colonial Tea Parties
Fighting for Whose Freedom?  Black Soldiers in the Revolution
The Founding Fathers and the Constitutional Struggle Over Centralized Power
Runaway Slaves: From the Revolution to the New Republic
The Non-Importation Movement
Freedom for All? The Contradictions of Slavery and Freedom in the Maryland Constitution
Who Fired the Shot Heard Round the World?
The Untold Story: The Black Struggle for Freedom during the Revolutionary War in Maryland
The League of Peace and Power-The Six Iroquois Nations and the American Revolution
Why is John Adams Standing on Thomas Jefferson's Foot?
Hampton:A Revolutionary Place
Advertisements Concerning Runaway Slaves
Burning of the Peggy Stewart
Common Sense and the Revolution in Maryland
Governor Robert Eden and the American Revolution
Liberty Tree and American Patriotism
George Washington and the Paradox of Slavery
Lyrics to “Yankee Doodle” (University of Oklahoma Law Center)
History of Intelligence Gathering (on the C.I.A. Web site)
First Citizen: Charles Caroll of Carollton
Maryland State House at Annapolis
Maryland Constitutions
The Franklin Lightning Rod
Indian-Colonial Relations in Laws and Official Documents
The Ratification of the Treaty of Paris
Washington Resigning His Commission
Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery
Women's Roles in the "New Nation"
Settling Down in Baltimore
Runaway Slave Advertisements in the New Republic
Runaway Slaves in Antebellum Maryland
The Battle of North Point, September 12, 1814
Colonial Currency: The Role of Tobacco in Proprietary Maryland
Daniel Dulany: Indentured Servant to Statesman
Francis Scott Key and the Star Spangled Banner
Governor Robert Eden and the American Revolution
Roots for Kids

NEW! Children's Lives at Colonial London Town: The Stories of Three Families (digital storybook and website)

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