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Era 4:
1801 to 1861 - Expansion and Reform

The Louisiana Purchase: Real Estate Deal of the Century?
Reshaping American Society: How did Immigration and Urbanization Affect America in the mid 1800s?

Maryland: A Middle Ground?

The Star-Spangled Banner: Fact or Fiction
Methods of Reform: The Lowell Mill Girls
Daily Lives of Slaves - What Really Happened?
Speaking Up and Speaking Out: Exploring the Lives of Black Women During the 19th Century
Nineteenth Century Reform Movements: Women's Rights
Settling Down in Baltimore
Map of the Presidential Election of 1800
Map of the Presidential Election of 1860
Atlantic Slave Trade: Middle Passage
Runaway Slave Advertisements in the New Republic
The War of 1812 in Maryland
Bringing Down the House: The Burning of the White House in 1812
Francis Scott Key and the Star-Spangled Banner
Mary Pickersgill: Maker of the Star-Spangled Banner
Two Acts of Toleration: 1649 and 1826
The Baltimore & Ohio: First Railroad in America
Runaway Slaves in Antebellum Maryland
Maryland State Colonization Society
American Colonization Society:  Establishment of a Colony on Liberia
The Know Nothings
Irish Immigrants in Baltimore
Samuel Morse and the Telegraph
Glory Hallelujah: Julia Ward Howe and the Battle Hymn of the Republic
From Slave to White House Confidante: the story of Elizabeth Keckley

A Changed Perspective: The Evolution of Baltimore Through Art and

Cartography (1792-1912)

The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal
County Maps of Maryland
Seneca Falls, Declaration of Sentiments, New York, 1848
The National Road
Let's Dance: The Ghost Dance Movement
Lewis and Clark and the Age of Discovery
Maryland Constitutions
The National Road
Roots for Kids
Women's Roles in the "New Nation"
'Til Death Do Us Part: Maryland Marriage Laws, 1640-1900
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