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Era 5:
1850 to 1877 - Civil War and Reconstruction

Lincoln and the Republicans: The Cause of War?
Civil War Weaponry and Medicine: A Distrastrous Mismatch
Helping to Move On? An Analysis of the Reconstruction Amendments
The Freedmen's Bureau: Success or Failure?
Northern Racism and the New York City Draft Riots of 1863
Maryland During the Secession Crisis
Slavery and Civil Disobedience: Christiana Riot of 1851

Frances Ellen Watkins Harper: 19th Century African-American Writer

and Reformer

Did Southern Free Men of Color Fight for the Ideals of the South?
The Valley of the Shadow Project: Two Communties in the American Civil War
The Civil War in Maryland: Battle of Antietam
The Civil War in Maryland: Battle of Fredericksburg
National Museum of Civil War Medicine (Frederick, MD)
Civil War Medicine: A View from the Bedside
The Civil War Homefront: Nursing
The Civil War Homefront: Railroads
John Brown’s Raid
Maryland Constitutions
The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln: Documents and Images
John Wilkes Booth and the Assasination of Lincoln
Baltimore, Allan Pinkerton and the Plot to Assasinate President Lincoln, 1861
Glory Hallelujah: Julia Ward Howe and the Battle Hymn of the Republic
From Slave to White House Confidante: the story of Elizabeth Keckley
Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad for Children
The Moses of Her People: Harriet Tubman
Arrest of the Maryland Legislature, 1861
Baltimore and the Outbreak of the Civil War
Prisoners of War in Maryland
Baltimore and Federal Occupation
Suppression of the Maryland Press
Suspension of Civil Liberties in Maryland: The Case of Richard Bennett Carmichael
Abraham Lincoln and the Cooper Union Address
Camp Life in the Civil War
Civilians, Soldiers and Spies
Civil Disobedience of Women during the Civil War
Civil War in Maryland: Southern Sympathizers
The Dred Scott Decision
Elizabeth Keckley: 30 Years a Slave
Emancipation Proclamation
Ex Parte Merryman
The Gettysburg Address
Nat Turner's Rebellion
Through the Camera Lens: the American Civil War
Maryland Slavery Legislation
Wartime Occupation of Maryland
Women on Trial: Elizabeth Wharton Case
Military Maps of the Civil War
Monacacy: The Battle that Saved Washington D.C.
Let Us Have Peace: The Presidency of Ulysees S. Grant
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