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Era 8:
1929 to 1945 - The Great Depression and World War II

To What Extent Were Women's Contributions in Industries of WWII Valued?
Franklin Roosevelt’s Proposal for Reforming the Supreme Court
African Americans and the Democratic Party
The Federal Theatre Project
Dust Bowl Story
Understanding the Great Migration
Debating Social Security: Understanding and Evaluating the Social Security Act of 1935
Continuity or Change? African Americans in World War II
Japanese American Internment During World War II
Poster Girls
America's Listening: Huey Long and Father Coughlin
Depicting the Enemy: Stereotype Imagery in World War II
Education in Maryland: Separate and Unequal
Father Coughlin: Radio Priest, Depression Demagogue
From Segragation to Integration: The Donald Murray Case, 1935-1937
Henry Louis Mencken
I'd Like to Buy the World a Coke: Advertising in America
Jim Crow in Maryland
Liberty Ships and Bethlehem Steel
Maryland at War
Maryland Farms during WWII
U.S. Army Installations in Maryland During WWII
United States in Depression and War
To Market: Packing and Canning Industries in Maryland
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