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Era 9:
1945 to 1970s - Postwar United States

Cold War Case Files: The Rosenberg Trial - Was Justice Fairly Served?
Guatemalan Coup of 1954: How Did the Cold War Influence American Foreign Policy Decisions?
Brown v. Board of Education: Success or Failure?
Post-War Suburbanization
A Presidential Decision: The Bay of Pigs
Civil Rights and Cold Warriors
Speaking Freely in the Soviet Union's Autocratic Government
Blockbusting:Social and Economic Change Through Real Estate
Confronting Third World Nationalism: The United States and the Overthrow of Prime Minister Mossadegh
Contextualizing a Historical Photograph: Busing and the Anti-busing Movement in Boston
The Cuban Missile Crisis
Women's Rights in the American Century
The Iran Hostage Crisis
Brown vs. The Board of Education and the Question of Segregation
Education in Maryland: Separate and Unequal
Civil Rights Movement: National Visionary Leadership Project
Echoes of Thurgood: The Impact of University v. Murray through its Alumni
Stuart v. Board of Elections, 1972
I'd Like to Buy the World a Coke: Advertising in America
Revisiting McCarthyism
The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy
The Cambridge Riots of 1963 and 1967
Desegregation of Maryland's Restaurants: Robert Mack Bell v. Maryland
Is Baltimore Burning?
Maryland Constitutions
Maryland Governor: Theordore R. McKeldin
The Cuban Missile Crisis
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