The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry offers a course of study leading to the Ph.D. in Biochemistry, in conjunction with faculty in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (School of Medicine), as well as other faculty at UMB. During their first year in the program, students enroll in two semesters of a comprehensive biochemistry course, which is generally CHEM 437 and CHEM 638 at UMBC. Advanced courses are to be selected from the five general areas of biochemistry including molecular biology, enzymology and bioorganic chemistry, physical biochemistry, metabolism and regulation and biochemistry of structure and function. In addition, each entering student is required to carry out laboratory work of about eight weeks duration in each of three different laboratories. These research orientation rotations are performed in at least two of the participating departments of the program. Graduate students in the program participate in a weekly seminar course each semester until they have been admitted to candidacy. First year students may also be required to enroll in other courses, depending on any gaps in their undergraduate education. During the second year, students take a written and oral qualifying examination. Opportunities for Ph.D. research projects in the Combined Biochemistry program are exceptionally broad with over 30 different laboratories participating on the two campuses. Students who desire to earn an M.S. in the area of biochemistry at UMBC can do so by enrolling in the M.S. program in Chemistry, with the appropriate course emphasis.