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Office: MEYR 549E
Phone: 410-455-2190
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James Fishbein
Ph.D. Brandeis 1985; B.A. Johns Hopkins 1979
Blans, P., Fishbein*, J.C. Determinants of Selectivity in Alkylation of Nucleosides and DNA by Secondary Diazonium Ions: Evidence for, and Consequences of, a Preassociation Mechanism.   Chem. Res. Tox., 2004 17 1531-9.
Velayutham, M., Villamena, F.A., Fishbein*, J.C. and Zweier*, J.L., Cancer Chemopreventive Oltipraz Generates Superoxide Anion Radical, Arch. Bioch. Biophys., 2005  435  83-88.
Velayutham, M., Villamena, F.A.Navamal, M., Fishbein*, J.C. and Zweier*, J.L. Glutathione Mediated Formation of Oxygen Free Radicals by the Major Metabolite of Oltipraz, Chem Res. Tox. 2005 18 970-975.

Perrino*, F. W.; Harvey, S.; Blans, P.; Gelhaus, S.; LaCourse, W. R.; Fishbein*, J. C., Polymerization past the N2-isopropylguanine and the N6-isopropyladenine DNA lesions with the bypass DNA polymerases η and ι and the replicative DNA polymerase α, Chem Res. Tox. 2005, 18 1451-61.
Lu, X., Heilman, J.M., Blans, P., Fishbein*, J.C.  The Structure of DNA Dictates Purine Atom Site Selectivity in Alkylation By Primary Diazonium Ions, Chem Res. Tox. 2005 18 1462-70.
Zink, C.N., Kim, H.-J., Fishbein*, J.C., Synthesis and Aqueous Chemistry of α-Acetoxy-N-nitrosomorpholine: Reactive Intermediates and Products J. Org. Chem. 2006, 71 202-9.
Upton, D.C., Wang, X., Blans, P., Perrino, F.W., Fishbein, J.C.*, Akman, S.A.*, Mutagenesis by exocyclic alkylamino purine adducts in Escherichia coli, Mutat. Res. 2006, in press.
Upton, D.C., Wang, X., Blans, P., Perrino, F.W., Fishbein, J.C.*, Akman, S.A.* Replication of N 2-ethyldeoxyguanosine DNA adducts in human 293 cells, Chem. Res. Tox., 2006, in press.