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Office: CHEM 404
Phone: 410-455-5627
Professional Interests
Orrette Wauchope
Former Student
B.S. Brooklyn College of the City University of New York 2005
Orrette R. Wauchope, Sharmila Shakya, Nahed Sawwan, Joel Liebman and Alexander Greer. “Photocleavage of Plasmid DNA by Dibenzothiophene S-oxide Under Anaerobic Conditions”  J. Sulfur Chem, 2007,18,71-74.
Aaron T. Frank, Nicola S. Farina, Nahed Sawwan, Orrette R. Wauchope, Mo Qi, Edyta M. Brzostowska, Wang Chan, Frank W. Grasso, Paul Haberfield and Alexander Greer. 'Natural macrocyclic molecules have a possible limited structural diversity' Molecular Diversity, 11, 115-118, 2007.
A. Greer, O.R. Wauchope, N.S. Farina, P. Haberfield and J.F. Liebman, “Paradigms and Paradoxes: Mechanisms for Possible Enhanced Biological Activity of Bilaterally Symmetrical Chemicals,” Struct. Chem.;2006;17(4) pp 347-350
Tatyana Voloschuk, Nicola S. Farina, Orrette R. Wauchope, Magdalena Kiprowska, Paul Haberfield, Alexander Greer. “Molecular Bilateral Symmetry of Natural Products. Prediction of Selectivity of Dimeric Molecules by Density Functional Theory and Semi-Empirical calculations.” J.Nat.Prod.;2004;67(7) pp 1141-1146.