The Math Gym
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Hrs: M-Th 2pm-4pm (THC 119); M-Th 5pm-7pm, Fri 3pm-5pm, Sun 5pm-7pm (MP 422)
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For more information, contact any member of the staff:

Nagaraj K. Neerchal
General Manager and Head of Math Gym Operations

Raji Baradwaj
Head Coach

Michelle Danaher
Assistant Head Coach

Tatjana Budimirovic
Assistant Head Coach

Bonny Tighe

Raji Baradwaj

Kal Nanes

Brian Dean

Elizabeth Stanwyck

Brian Kelly


The Math Gym is a concept rather than an actual place. It applies the wisdom that practice is the key to learning math well and provides a framework of connecting the practice to class work in a tangible way. The Math Gym features "conditioning coaches" and "personal trainers" who will help students keep their foundational math skills in good working order. Moreover, the gym promotes healthy math habits among all our students, drawing a clear analogy between the regular work outs and conditioning needed to maintain both athletic and mathematical skill. Anyone taking a foundational math course is welcome to work out in the Math Gym.

How Can Math Gym
Help My Grade?

  • Working out strengthens "math muscles" so you do well on quizes and exams!

  • Expert coaches can help direct your study.

  • You'll find other students from your class there - form study groups!

  • Math Gym workouts may help your grade - consult Blackboard or your instructor to find out how.

  • In the Math Gym...

    Upon sign in, you will receive a personal work out plan based on your QuizZero (or most recent quiz) performance. You will then obtain one worksheet based on your personal work out plan. Practice your skills on the worksheet. If you have any questions, flag one of the many coaches walking around the Math Gym, and obtain assistance. Turn in your worksheet to a coach. Credit for your work will be entered into Blackboard.

    For recent updates and news items please visit The Math Gym group.