Consulting Projects and Activities - Fall 2008


    • Project: Numerical Implementation of An Equivalent Two Species Model
    • Client: Dr. Thomas I. Seidman, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, UMBC
    • Consultants: Dr. Gobbert and Guan Wang
    • Description: The numerical solution of a given three species model with fast reaction is challenging due to the need for high resolution in the areas of fast reactions. In the asymptotic limit, an equivalent two species model was derived by the client. We implemented this model in COMSOL Multiphysics and demonstrated the advantage in efficiency.

    • Project: R Code Optimization for Ecological Statistics Algorithm
    • Client: Dr. Matthew Baker, Department of Geography and Environmental Systems, UMBC
    • Consultants: Dr. Gobbert, Dr. Neerchal, Andrew Raim, and Xiaoyu Dong
    • Description: Analyzed the run-time performance of client's R code and identified several time-intensive portions to optimize. We were able to reduce the program's overall execution time to 14% of its original time, using a provided dataset as our benchmark.

    • Project: Statistical Analysis of Consumption Rates of Larval Manduca Sexta
    • Client: Will Gretes, Ph.D. student, Department of Biological Sciences, UMBC
    • Consultants: Dr. Neerchal and Justin Newcomer
    • Description: Helped client analyze data from two different types of experiments using a generalized linear regression model framework with factors for time, treatment effect, and time by treatment interaction.

Also Consulted With

  • Li Zhu, Physics Ph.D. student (Dr. Gobbert and Guan Wang)
  • Alison Ebaugh, Mathematics undergraduate student, and Dr. Jonathan Bell, Mathematics and Statistics faculty (Dr. Gobbert and Guan Wang)
  • Danielle Schwarzman, Economics graduate student