Consulting Projects and Activities - Fall 2012


  • Dr. Liebman, UMBC Chemistry Department, simple linear regression model for entropy. (Brittney Henegar, Dr. Nagaraj Neerchal)
  • Amanda Knapp, Academic Standards & Policy Specialist, OUE (UMBC Office of Undergraduate Education), doctoral candidate at UMBC, analyzing the relationship between best online instructional practices and undergraduate student perceptions of instructor credibility.

Also Consulted With

  • Freddy Reyes, UMBC Psychology student, SPSS assistance to analyze levels of depression and stigma towards on-campus counseling services, focused on sexual minorities (Brittney Henegar, Dr. Liz Stanwyck)
  • Lisa Vizer, Information Systems Doctoral student (Brittney Henegar, Dr. Liz Stanwyck)
  • Fred Huemmrich, NASA Scientist, using hyperspectral remote sensing data to determine ecosystem characteristics such as photosynthesis rates and biodiversity. (Jonathan McHenry, Dr. Liz Stanwyck, Dr. Nagaraj Neerchal)