Consulting Projects and Activities - Spring 2006


    • Project: Statistical Input for a R01 NIH Grant
    • Client: Robert S. Poston, MD, Assistant Professor of Surgery, University of Maryland, Medical School
    • Description: Initial work on the statistical analysis to be included in the Methods section of an NIH grant. Long term work included all statistical analysis throughout the course of the study.

    • Project: Development of a Database Application
    • Client: Dr. Mukund S. Didolkar, MD, Director, Surgical Oncology, Sinai Hospital of Baltimore
    • Description: Developed a database application in Microsoft Access to facilitate the data entry process and storage of the study data.

    • Project: Development of a Database Application
    • Client: Dr. Uri Tasch, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, UMBC
    • Description: Developed a database application in Microsoft Access to simplify and control the data entry process and to organize and store the data in a form that is immediately portable for statistical analysis.

    • Project: Development of a Database Application
    • Client: Barry Nussbaum, Ph.D., Office of Environmental Information, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
    • Description: Developed a database application in Microsoft Access that allows the user to access Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) data over several years and identify potential outliers in the data.

    • Project: Statistical Input on Time Series Data
    • Client: Kathleen Price, Ph.D. student in Information Systems, UMBC, Advisor: Dr. Andrew Sears
    • Description: Provided guidance on the standardization of a data collection process and preliminary input on possible statistical methods for analyzing time series data.

    • Project: Development of a Web Based Survey
    • Client: Katherine Fugol, student in Statistics and English, UMBC
    • Description: Provided guidance throughout the process of developing an on-line survey.

    • Project: Modification of C/C++ Code
    • Client: Dr. David Salkever, Department of Public Policy, UMBC
    • Description: Generalization of a C/C++ code that implements a statistical method to accept additional input parameters and ports to a Macintosh platform.

    • Project: Development of MATLAB Code
    • Client: Dr. Holly Gaff, UMB
    • Description: Implementation of a numerical method for partial differential equations that was used inside an optimal control code.

    • Project: Menus for R Programs Performing Specific Data Analysis Tasks
    • Client: Office of Quality, USEPA
    • Description: Developed easy to use interfaces for R programs. The interfaces were used in the statistical training modules by the Office of Quality.

Also Consulted With

  • Dr. Mauricio M. Bustos, Professor of Biology, UMBC. Discussed possible statistical techniques for sample size determination
  • Daphne Washington, Ph.D. student in Educational Psychology, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Advisor: Dr. John Ramano. Advised on organization and survey design that was used as a part of the thesis project
  • Charles Noback. Instructor: Tim Oates. Student Project - Advised on how to perform statistical comparison of two Poisson counts with appropriate references for methodology and software
  • David Bach, Scientific Products and Systems, UMBC South Campus. Discussed some instability issues with the controller for a peristaltic pump. Advised on performing a design experiment to investigate the use of a venturimeter to build a feedback controller

Other Activities

  • Hands-on software workshops advertised (flyers, Insights Weekly, UMBC homepage) and held bi-weekly on FEMLAB, SAS, MATLAB, S-Plus, and Microsoft Access
  • Photos taken by Aaptha Murthy at department hosted Finite Element Circus conference


  • CIRC webpage developed at, including making available on- and off-campus consulting request forms
  • Promotional brochure developed
  • Office space MP409 cleared and renovated
  • Contract and invoice documents developed and account and fee structure set up in collaboration with UMBC legal counsel
  • First semester with 2 RAs (1 Math, 1 Stat): Aaptha Murthy and Justin Newcomer