Consulting Projects and Activities - Spring 2008


    • Project: Statistical Analysis of Baltimore Storm Water Monitoring Data
    • Client: Dr. Upal Ghosh and Katie DiBlasi, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, UMBC
    • Consultants: Dr. Neerchal and Yan Zhuang
    • Description: Provided statistical support for the analysis of storm water monitoring data to elucidate the effect of street sweeping on storm water quality. Developed a method to substitute below detection limit values.

    • Project: Estimating Land Cover and Land Use using a Nonlinear Regression Model
    • Client: Dr. Erle Ellis, Department of Geography and Environmental Systems, UMBC
    • Consultants: Dr. Neerchal and Yan Zhuang
    • Description: A prediction model was built for predicting land cover and land use using b-spline expansions and a technique of transforming the independent variables to capture the nonlinear relationship between the independent and dependent variables.

    • Project: Statistical Analysis of Cognitive, Social and Teaching Presence in a Class Message Board
    • Client: Joan Shin, UMBC
    • Consultants: Dr. Neerchal and Willy Weng
    • Description: Analyzed the cognitive, social and teaching presence in a class message board to determine if: (1) There were significant differences between different semesters. (2) Measure of association existed between different variables of interest.

    • Project: Statistical Analysis of US-Mexico Border Data on Ozone and PM10
    • Client: Herbert Lacayo Jr., Ph.D., U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
    • Consultants: Dr. Neerchal, Willy Weng, and Mathangi Gopalakrishnan
    • Description: The AQS database provides ozone and PM10 data for a desired degree of resolution (from hourly to annually) for various sites located in the USA and Mexico. Inter-site comparison, especially for sites located on either side of the US-Mexico border, was of particular interest. Since the data had both space (location of the site) and time (measurement interval) dimensions, we investigated the methodology for performing multiple comparisons among sites while accounting for space and time correlations.

    • Project: Statistical Analysis of Larval Feeding Plasticity
    • Client: Will Gretes and Dr. Jeffery Leips, Department of Biological Sciences, UMBC
    • Consultants: Dr. Neerchal and Justin Newcomer
    • Description: Analyzed repeated measurements of larval feeding plasticity using Generalized Estimating Equations. Presented results at the UMBC-Wyeth Summit, August 24, 2007.

Also Consulted With

  • Olyssa Starry, Geography and Environmental Systems Ph.D. student (Willy Weng)
  • Heather Holden, Information Systems Ph.D. student (Justin Newcomer and Willy Weng)
  • Danielle Schwarzman, Economics graduate student (Shiming Yang)

Publications and Presentations

  • Shiming Yang and Matthias K. Gobbert. The Optimal Relaxation Parameter for the SOR Method Applied to the Poisson Equation in Any Space Dimensions. Applied Mathematics Letters, accepted (2008). Preprint in PDF-format. Journal paper.
  • Matthias K. Gobbert and Nagaraj K. Neerchal. Preparing Graduate Students for Interdisciplinary Careers. Computing in Science and Engineering (CiSE), Education Department, vol. 10, no. 1, pp. 93-95, January/February 2008. Link to the magazine's webpage for this article. Refereed magazine paper.
  • Shiming Yang and Matthias K. Gobbert. Software Tutorial: COMSOL Multiphysics. Department of Mathematics, U.S. Naval Academy, January 31, 2008. Customized seminar talk.
  • Mathangi Gopalakrishnan. Bayesian Approach to Clinical Trials: Are We There Yet? Probability and Statistics Day Poster Presentation.

Other Activities

  • Hosted special SPSS workshop for Professor Andrea Kalfoglou (Justin Newcomer, Willy Weng, and Mathangi Gopalakrishnan)
  • Webhosting and volunteer help for annual Probability and Statistics Day (April 2008)
  • Hosted special social hours during faculty interviews and prospective graduate student visits
  • Convergence order study for Lagrange finite elements in COMSOL Multiphysics (Shiming Yang and Dr. Gobbert)
  • Hosted seminar by The MathWorks, Inc. on the software package MATLAB with a special focus on its parallel computing capabilities (March 2008)