Consulting Projects and Activities - Spring 2009


    • Project: Estimating Land Cover and Land Use using a Nonlinear Regression Model
    • Client: Dr. Erle Ellis, Department of Geography and Environmental Systems, UMBC
    • Consultants: Dr. Neerchal and Yan Zhuang
    • Description: A prediction model was built for predicting land cover and land use using b-spline expansions and a technique of transforming the independent variables to capture the nonlinear relationship between the independent and dependent variables.

    • Project: Estimating the Effect of Priority Funding Legislation in Maryland on Wastewater Management
    • Client: CUERE
    • Consultants: Dr. Neerchal and Elizabeth Stanwyck
    • Description: A study about the effect of priority funding legislation, passed in 1998, on residential wastewater management systems (i.e. septic vs. sewer). The goal was to determine whether legislation increased the proportion of homes on sewer systems.

    • Project: Perceptions of Sexual Misconduct in Various Countries
    • Client: Dr. Ilsa Lottes, Department of Sociology, UMBC
    • Consultants: Dr. Neerchal and Yukun Wu
    • Description: A study about sexual misconduct was carried out in four different countries - the USA, Estonia, Israel, and Finland. The objective was to investigate how peoples' perceptions of sexual misconduct severity varied in cross-cultural perspectives. There were several vignettes to analyze, varying by gender of perpetrator and gender of victim. Various statistical analyses, including ANOVA, MANOVA, and nonparametric correlation, were performed on the data.

Also Consulted With

  • Danielle Schwarzman, Economics graduate student (Shiming Yang)
  • Geriel Ettienne-Modeste, Mechanical Engineering graduate student (Airong Yu and Liz Stanwyck)
  • Dr. Ilsa Lottes, Sociology faculty (Yukun Wu)
  • Tamra Mendelson, Biological Sciences faculty (Dr. Neerchal and Liz Stanwyck)
  • Dongsong Zhang, Information Systems faculty (Dr. Neerchal and Liz Stanwyck)
  • Geriel Ettienne-Modeste, Short consultation: Discussed analysis methods and software for experimental data (Liz Stanwyck)
  • Brian Maguire, Short consultation: Discussed online survey methods, analysis techniques to be discussed later (Liz Stanwyck)
  • Soumya Ganguly, Short consultation: Discussed analysis method for high-dimensional linear regression problem (Liz Stanwyck)
  • Andrea Kalfoglou, Short consultation: Advised on using Excel to create a random sample from a given sampling frame (Liz Stanwyck)
  • Maria Mosby-Nickens, Short Consultation: Discussed analysis methods and interpretations for social survey (Liz Stanwyck)
  • Matthew Dinmore, Short consultation: Discussed analysis methods to detect differences in retrievability of documents returned by a search engine (Liz Stanwyck)
  • Michael Pennino, Short consultation: Advised on analysis method for detecting correlations between land uses at different sites (Liz Stanwyck)
  • Mustafa cosar Unal, Short consultation: Discussed availability of statistical software, made recommendations for software for statistical analysis (Liz Stanwyck)
  • Dongsong Zhang, Short consultation: Helped with data analysis for research problem involving comparison of phone browsers (Liz Stanwyck)

Other Activities

  • Redesigned CIRC brochure to send to potential future clients (Liz Stanwyck)
  • Hosted special SPSS workshop for Professor Henry Emurian, Department of Information Systems (Yukun Wu)
  • Webhosting and volunteer help for annual Probability and Statistics Day (April 2009)
  • Hosted special social hours during faculty interviews and prospective graduate student visits
  • Hosted seminar on COMSOL Multiphysics offered by its developer, COMSOL (February 2009)