Consulting Projects and Activities - Semester Spring 2012


  1. 3D Bovine Lameness Detection
    • Client: Uri Tasch
    • Consultants: Dr. Nagaraj Neerchal, Jonathan McHenry
    • Description: Time series data from a novel 3D force sensor (installed on a farm 3/2012) will be used to detect lameness in cows. Jonathan will provide data processing automation and statistical analysis support.
  2. Sinai Projects
    • Client: Dr. Didolkar
    • Consultants: Brittney Walker, Merve Gurlu, Dr. Liz Stanwyck
    • Description: Initial analysis of the colorectal cancer data has been completed. Created several descriptive statistics and charts to study the relationship between Carcinoembryonic antigens (CEA), one of the most important bio-markers in the diagnosis of colorectal cancer, and other variables. Currently, implementing a survival analysis to evaluate the effect of treatments and the recurrence of the disease.

Also Consulted With

  • Peter Hu, UMB, MATLAB Programming GRA (Matthias Gobbert, Nagaraj Neerchal, Jonathan McHenry, Xuan Hoang)
  • Julie E. Garrison, Neurologic Music Therapist, Compass Music Therapy, LLC. (Brittney M. Henegar, Merve Gurlu)
  • Yashin Lin, Independent Consultant (Liz Stanwyck, Nagaraj Neerchal)
  • Ebony Tongo, Chemical Engineer student, MATLAB Training (Jonathan McHenry)
  • Jorge G. Morel, PhD, Principal Statistician, Procter & Gamble (creating a stepwise selection macro for proc GLIMMIX)
  • Santiago Orrego, Department of Mechanical Engineering UMBC, ANOVA for tooth erosion resulting from stress and acidic environment, (Dr. Stanwyck, Brittney Henegar).