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  • UMBC Magazine
  • Class of 2010
  • Scholars Booklet
  • Summer and Winter Session Catalogs
  • New Retriever Logo
  • UMBC Magazine sample
    UMBC Magazine

    UMBC Magazine strives to strengthen alumni ties to the university. Debuting in 2008, UMBC Magazine has received several awards including an Award of Excellence in the 39th Annual University & College Designers Association Design Competition and an In-House Design Award from Graphic Design USA.

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  • Class of 2010 sample
    Class of 2010 Featured Graduates

    Each spring, UMBC features a website profiling some of our exceptional graduates. This site is required to be different and compelling every year. This project is always an opportunity to showcase new design and website functionality.

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  • Scholars Programs at UMBC

    The UMBC Scholars Book informs prospective students on UMBC's six named scholars programs - the Center for Women and Information Technology Scholars, Meyerhoff Scholars (science and engineering), Humanities Scholars, Linehan Artist Scholars, Sherman Teacher Education Scholars and Sondheim Public Affairs Scholars. These competitive programs combine financial awards with special opportunities for advanced research, unique seminars, directed internships, study abroad and more.

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  • Samples of Summer and Winter Session Catalogs
    Summer and Winter Session Catalogs

    With more than 300 anticipated courses, these terms offer an excellent opportunity to enroll in hard-to-get courses, including those required for upper division study, or to help meet the general education programs.

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  • Samples of Retirever Logos
    The New Retriever Logo

    Creating a new athletics mascot for UMBC was more than a simple point of pride for Design Director Jim Lord ’99, visual arts - it was a matter of keeping up with the big boys of university athletics. As designer of the latest and most recent athletics mascots, Lord was perhaps the biggest critic of his past work - and one of the biggest proponents of change.

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Photo Feed

Photos taken around campus.

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  • UMBC's Albin O. Kuhn Library in the fall. -Jim
  • UMBC's Campus leaders. -Michelle
  • A goose walks near the pond. -Melissa
  • Gritty as a puppy. -Erin
  • From the preformance of Pericles. -Melissa
  • Goldwater Scholar in the lab. -Michelle
  • Campus in bloom. -Erin
  • Indian Delight for the food issue of UMBC Magazine. -Michelle
  • Catonsville Gourmet for the food issue of UMBC Magazine. -Melissa
  • UMBC's campus in the snow. -Jim