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Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Spatial Analysis Laboratory

The CUERE Spatial Analysis Laboratory is a joint venture with the Baltimore Ecosystem Study, Institute for Ecosystem Studies, and US Forest Service. The mission of the laboratory is to apply an interdisciplinary approach to advance the understanding of human impacts on the environment through the provision of spatial analysis and data visualization.

The lab is equipped with a robust database and file server, seven GIS work stations, a large format plotter, a large format scanner, GIS and Spatial Analysis Software and data sets for staff, faculty, and student research.

Environmental Research Laboratory

The purpose of the lab is to provide dedicated space for intern/extern and graduate student research; a field lab for visiting scientists; a field and laboratory methodology classroom; an experimental and analytical demonstration space; and a soil sample processing area.

The lab is equipped with an independent ventilation fume hood, drying ovens, furnaces and sink space with large sample processing areas and integrated utilities. It includes storage spaces for equipment, glassware, and lab materials. There is also dedicated bench space and whiteboard for lecture, demonstration and practice. The lab is handicap accessible and has a mudroom for field equipment and clothing.

Field Lab Field Lab
The lab provides for:
> Soil physical properties analysis
> Soil Chemical properties analysis
> Soil sample processing for external analysis
> Water chemistry and quality analysis