Requirements for UMBC IGERT Applicants for Fall Semester (the program must be started in Fall)

1.  Applicants must be US citizens or permanent residents and interested in pursuing full-time graduate study at UMBC in one of the 8* participating PhD-granting departments or programs: (1) Biological Science;  (2) Chemistry and Biochemistry; (3) Civil and Environmental Engineering; (4) Information Systems; (5) Mathematics and Statistics; (6) Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Science (MEES); (7) Public Policy (including Economic Policy); and (8) Physics. (*Note: Geography and Environmental Systems currently participates through the MEES program but also has a new PhD program pending.)


2.  Applicants must submit an application for admission to UMBC's Graduate School and meet admission requirements of both the graduate school and the PhD program of interest. 

3.  Applicants must clearly identify in their statement of purpose why they wish to be considered for an IGERT Traineeship award.  They must state how they fit into the research vision expressed in the grant proposal to NSF, which can be viewed at  Applicants must designate which PhD program they wish to enroll in and which of the IGERT faculty participants listed on page 1 of the proposal (and at they would like have as a mentor.  Faculty in several of UMBC’s departments will mentor students through one of the interdisciplinary PhD programs (e.g. MEES or Public Policy). Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact faculty mentors of interest in advance of submitting their applications, both to discuss their interest and to identify the correct PhD program.


4.  Applicants should send one additional photocopy (or preferably an electronic copy) of their application materials to the UMBC IGERT Program Coordinator – Bernadette Hanlon, UMBC/CUERE, 1000 Hilltop Circle, TRC 102, Baltimore, MD 21250,

Applications are due by February 1 of each year.

The UMBC IGERT Program actively seeks the applications of minorities, women, and individuals with disabilities.