Michael P. McGuire
Geospatial Data Services Manager, Center for Urban Environmental Research and Education


Doctoral Student, Information Systems, UMBC
M.S., Information Systems, UMBC
B.S., Geography and Environmental Planning, Towson University

Area of Expertise: 

Geographic information systems; spatial data warehousing; spatial analysis; cartographic techniques; application development; database design; systems analysis and design; decision support systems; network administration.

Mr. McGuire is the Geospatial Data Services Manager for CUERE.  His duties include management of spatiotemporal databases, installation and management of GIS infrastructure, development of web-based GIS applications, and management of spatial analysis support for research projects.  Prior to his appointment at CUERE, Mr. McGuire held the position of GIS Analyst for the Baltimore County Office of Planning.  At the Office of Planning Mr. McGuire supervised GIS personnel; coordinated and managed GIS projects; and designed, developed, and implemented GIS applications and databases.  Mr. McGuire developed a methodology, programming tools, and data model for creation of a large-scale parcel-based land use database.  He also implemented GIS support for the 2002 Baltimore County Council redistricting and designed cartographic products for the Baltimore County 2010 Master Plan.  Prior to the Baltimore County Office of Planning, Mr. McGuire held the position of Environmental Specialist at the Maryland Department of Environment (MDE) and the position of GIS Technician for the Baltimore County Office of Information Technology.

He is an active member of the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing


Zhiyuan Chen, A. Gangopadhyay, G. Karabatis, M. McGuire, and C. Welty. (2005) “Semantic integration and knowledge discovery in environmental research.” Journal of Database Management. (accepted for publication).

Chen, Z., A. Gangopadhyay, S. Holden, G. Karabatis, M. McGuire. “Semantic Integration of Government Data for Water Quality Management.” Government Information Quarterly Special Issue on Interoperability, (Revised and resubmitted 11/30/2006; accepted 4/10/07; in press 5/25/07.)

McGuire, M.P., A. Komlodi, A. Gangopadhyay, and C. Swan. (2006) “A User-Centered Design of a Spatiotemporal Data Warehouse for Data Exploration in Ecological Research.” Submitted to Ecological Informatics Special Issue Novel Concepts of Ecological Data Management (submitted 12/04/2006); to be revised version submitted 06/26/07.

Conference Proceedings and Presentations:

Michael P. McGuire and Aryya Gangopadhyay. (2006). “Modeling, Visualizing, and Mining Hydrological Spatial Hierarchies for Water Quality Management ” to be presented at: ASPRS 2006 Annual Conference, Reno, Nevada, May 1 - 5, 2006. ((c)2006, ASPRS)

Michael P. McGuire (2004). “Using DTM and LIDAR data to analyze human induced topographic change” Proceedings of ASPRS 2004 Fall Conference, Kansas City, Missouri, September 12 - 16, 2004. ((c)2004, ASPRS)

Laura Hungerford, M McGuire, C Poppell , K T.Cuenco, J Tighe, M Megginso n , P Ryan (2004). “Use of a geographic information system to examine spatial patterns in Maryland FoodNet data” (Poster). Annual Meeting of the American College of Epidemiology, Boston , MA , September 11-14, 2004

Selected Projects:

Map design for The State of the Baltimore Region: A Baseline Report for a New Century, 2002.

LiDAR: So Many Possibilities Poster Session. Baltimore Ecosystem Study Annual Meeting, 2002.

CUERE: State of the Baltimore Region 2002 and Cub Hill: A Case Study of the Influence of Land Use and Environmental Factors on Landscape Characteristics and Dynamics in Urban Ecosystems. Poster Session. Maryland Association of Counties Conference, 2002.

Panel Discussion: Second National Conference on Science, Policy and the Environment- Panel Discussion on Community Energy and Environment 2001: Seeing the Big Picture with Remote Sensing and Satellites.

Map design for Baltimore County Master Plan 2010.

Baltimore County Council Redistricting 2002.

Baltimore County Land Use Projections 2025 (GIS Application)

Adequate Public School Facilities Ordinance Development Impact (GIS Application)


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