The following standards address expected outcomes of curricular and field placement experiences. 


Pre-service teachers:

A. Support diverse learning styles and outcomes, as well as global and multicultural perspectives, by organizing an educational environment and utilizing effective instructional techniques that optimize learning and high achievement among all students.

Indicators II.A.1 - II.A.9
B. Demonstrate a mastery of assessment, measurement, and evaluation techniques that recognize the effects of status differences and optimize student learning and high achievement among all students.
Indicators II.B.1 - II.B.2
C. Illustrate an understanding of family and school dynamics in promoting student learning and high achievement among all students through the use of inclusive strategies for building partnerships with the broader educational community.
Indicators II.C.1 - II.C.6
D. Have a working knowledge of local, state and national policies related to education and their content area/s of specialty that address contextually responsive teaching in diverse settings. 
Indicator II.D.1

E. Demonstrate a commitment to professional growth related to the improvement of teaching and learning in diverse contexts.

Indicators II.E.1 - II. E. 4


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