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To complete the M.A. in Economic Policy Analysis, students must write and present a major paper in ECON 699, the capstone seminar. In this paper, students are required to analyze a policy issue from an economic perspective, and to use empirical analysis to shed light on important underlying economic relationships and, when possible, to suggest future directions for policy.

This requirement is designed to allow students to pull together the skills and insights they have gained throughout the course of their studies in the program. Each student, in addition to the instructor in ECON 699, has a faculty advisor to provide guidance and feedback throughout the process.

Class of 2004 Proposals and Papers
ECON 699 Instructor: Prof. Brad Humphreys



Class of 2001, Student Projects

ECON 699 Instructor: Prof. David Mitch

  • "Determinants of Cross Country Variation in Foreign Direct Investment"
    Brian Gordon; Advisor: Prof. Bonnie Wilson.
  • "Why Has U.S. Income Inequality Stopped Increasing Since the Mid-1990s?"
    Marie-Claire A. Guillard; Advisor: Prof. Thomas Gindling.
  • "Relationship Between State Long-Term Care Needs and Medicaid Expenditures"
    Faina Kashtelyan; Advisor: Prof. Nancy Miller.
  • "Trends in Gender Inequality of Managers, 1990-2000"
    Zongxiang Luo; Advisor: Prof. David Greenberg.
  • "Does Controlling for Patient Preferences Eliminate the Racial Variation in the Treatment of Coronary Artery Disease?"
    Ryan Mutter; Advisor: Prof. Marsha Goldfarb.

Selected ECON 699 Papers

Selected ECON 699 Proposals

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