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Commensurate with the mission of UMBC, the Department of Economics encourages its undergraduate majors and certificate students to engage in scholarly research.

Those students interested in pursuing a particular research topic should contact a relevant faculty member (one whose teaching or research is related to the topic) to request guidance and mentoring. Once a mentor has been arranged, students may register for ECON 493 in order to receive course-credit while research is being conducted. ECON 493 is open to economics majors with at least a 3.2 grade point average in economics, and who have complete at least one 400-level course in the field related to the proposed research.

Some examples of previous projects and research in progress include:

  • "The Relationship Between Tariffs and Smuggling in Pakistan"
    Awais Akbar; Advisor: Professor Wendy Takacs, Spring 2002
  • "World War II Defense Industry Training Programs: Women versus Men in the Electrical Machinery and Shipyard Industries"
    Nikki Walker; Advisor: Professor David Mitch, Spring 2001
    Provost's Undergraduate Research Award Recipient
  • "The Economic Impact of HIV/AIDS Perinatal Transmission on the Medicaid System"
    Ruth Gugliuzza; Advisor: Professor Dennis Coates, Spring 2001
  • "Diversification Through Consolidation: the Effects on Corporate Value"
    Susan An; Advisor: Professor Bonnie Wilson, Spring 2001
  • "The Reform of Welfare: Transition in Progress"
    Brian Thompson; Advisor: Professor Marsha Goldfarb
  • "Social Security Reform: Should We Depend on the Stock Market to Salvage the Current System?"
    Greg Waring; Advisor: Professor Marsha Goldfarb
  • "Corporate Contribution to Pension Plans"
  • "An Analysis of Maryland's Smart Growth Program"
  • "Estimating the Value of Wlderness Areas: Maryland's Wildland's Program"
  • "Business Cycles Affect on Government Appropriations to Institutions of Higher Education in Michigan and Maryland"

Undergraduate Research Awards provide up to $1500 in support for recipients to work with a faculty mentor on an original project for academic credit. Recipients are chosen on a competitive basis. In past years, the awards deadline has been in the month of February. For details and applications, check the Office of Undergraduate Education's Office website or call (410) 455-5754.

Another opportunity for scholarly activity is UMBC's Annual Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievement Day. For details and applications, check the Office of Undergraduate Education's Office website or call (410) 455-5754.

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