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The UMBC Department of Education seeks to advance teaching and learning through our integration of research and collaboration with others for the benefit of our diverse society.
The mission of the UMBC Teacher Education Unit is to research teaching and learning and to develop educators who are caring, thoughtful, knowledgeable, skilled, and responsive. We expect our graduates to respect diversity, and to be developing the dispositions that will ensure they can become leaders in their schools, and advocates for democracy and social justice.

Tenet One - Academic Strength

Initial certification candidates demonstrate academic strength by completing both a disciplinary major and a program of professional courses. Advanced program candidates demonstrate knowledge and skills by completing a program focused on content, pedagogy, leadership, and research.

Tenet Two - Professional Development Continuum

Initial certification candidates develop professional teaching competencies through sequenced academic and pedagogical experiences in various learning and field-based contexts. Advanced program candidates increase their mastery of content, pedagogy, leadership, and clinical research in their respective professional contexts.

Tenet Three: Diversity

Candidates in initial and advanced programs demonstrate and apply proficiencies related to diversity and equity in teaching and learning. Candidates provide learning experiences that engage students of varying backgrounds and abilities, and practice inclusive pedagogy accommodating students’ strengths and needs.