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Master of Arts in Teaching Program
The applicant must complete the application process to the UMBC graduate school. This requires a completed application, official transcripts, three letters of recommendation, a personal goal statement, and Praxis I scores (*Note, please do not take the GRE’s for admission to the MAT program). For further information, please visit the Graduate School Website.
The application process should be initiated one semester before the semester one wishes to begin the program. Applications submitted after this time period usually cannot be reviewed in time for admission with full-time status in the graduate school. Admission as a special student is possible until a few weeks before the semester begins. However, late admission is not recommended since most courses close early and arrangements need to be made with local school districts for the field experience.
A variety of academic and need based scholarship programs are available for teacher candidates. The UMBC Department of Education offers several scholarship opportunities in addition to those offered by the Office of Financial Aid and other state programs. Students should see the UMBC Department of Education website for additional information on the scholarship programs, application process, and deadlines: click here to go.