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Frequently Asked Questions
What do I do first?
Prospective students should arrange for an initial meeting with an advisor for the intended area of certification. Students should also apply to the graduate school and make arrangements to take the PRAXIS I examination. Contact - UMBC Graduate School
Once the graduate school accepts me, am I done?
No! Once students receive their letter of acceptance, they must then apply for admission to the teacher certification program via the department website:
What is a full-time schedule for a graduate student?
Full-time status for graduate students is 9 credit hours. Anything less than 9 is considered part-time.
When are the classes offered, day or evening?
In most cases, education classes are offered in the evening beginning at 4:30. Methods, reading, and practicum classes do require students to spend time in a classroom setting working with teachers and children.
What does “permission required” mean on the schedule of classes?
All education classes require the permission of an advisor before students can register. Permission is given during advising sessions prior to registration.
Does this register me for class?
No! Students must register themselves for classes using their myumbc accounts via myumbc
What if I want to teach middle school?
Students interested in teaching middle school should consider the Secondary Program because the focus on a specific content area meets the Maryland standard for “highly qualified” teachers.
What is the difference between education courses and “content” courses, and why do I need both?
Education courses are those core courses required for the MAT teacher certification program. Content courses are courses specific to the subject being taught: i.e. biology, mathematics, history, or English. To be highly qualified to teach, teacher candidates must meet both sets of requirements.