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    STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Math  

Elementary/Middle STEM
  • For experienced elementary and middle school teachers who want to increase their understanding in STEM areas
  • MAE degree program with focus on teacher research and leadership
  • Content includes a blend of experiences from STEM areas
  • Content courses are appropriate for Elementary/Middle school teachers
  • Content courses also include STEM pedagogy
Core Education Courses along with the following
STEM courses (18 semester hours or 6 courses total)
1) SCIE 501 Physics Concepts, Principles and Applications I
   SCIE 502 Chemistry Concepts, Principles and Applications I
   SCIE 503 Life Science Concepts, Principles and Applications I
   SCIE 504 The Environment - Chesapeake Bay and Other Ecosystems 

2) MAED 501 Rational Number Operations and Problem Solving
   MAED 502 Geometry and Spatial Reasoning
   MAED 503 Algebraic Reasoning

3) SCIE 506 The Designed World
   SCIE 510 Lunar Robotics 
   SCIE 5** Environment Engineering Design 

4) EDUC 501 Using Technology to Support Science and Mathematics Instruction
   EDUC 502 The Active Science and Mathematics Classroom
Note: Each of the above courses is 3 credit hours.

For more information contact Tracy Irish