Program Development Plan  
Master of Arts in Education - Concentration in English
Academic Development Plan
36 Credit, Non-Thesis Option-Four Year Plan
General Information:
Name: _____________________________ SSN:____________________________
E-mail address:______________________ Phone Number (h) : ________________
Bachelor Degree:_____________________ Phone Number (w): ________________
Current employer: AACPS
School:____________________________ Grade/Content Taught : _____________
Areas of interest (for Capstone Project) ________________________________________
Core Education Courses (18 credits required)
Course Course Title Semester planned Semester completed Instructor
EDUC 781 Teacher Leadership (replaces):
Instructional Systems Development I
Spring 2005    
EDUC 634 Seminar in Children's or Adolescent Literature Fall 2002 Fall 2002 Neutze
EDUC 659
Teaching Reading in the Content Areas:
Part II
Spring 2003
Spring 2003 Tumminello
EDUC 771 Analyzing Education Research
Research Design in Education
Fall 2004    
EDUC 792 Project Seminar (Final Capstone Project) Fall 2005    
EDUC 795

Seminar in the Study of Teaching Fall 2003 Fall 2003 C.Jefferson
Cognate Area: English Education (18 credits required)
Course Course Title Semester planned Semester completed Instructor
ENGL 630 The Interpretation of Literary Masterworks-
Special Topic: Studies in Shakespeare
Summer 2003 Summer 2003 Farabaugh
ENGL 631 Contemporary Issues: Texts and Contexts-
Special Topic: Contemporary Issues in
World Literature
Summer 2002 Summer 2002 Shattuck
ENGL 648 Seminar in Literature and Culture-Special
Topic: Literary Theory
Spring 2002 Spring 2002 Shattuck
ENGL 686 The Teaching of Writing Spring 2004 In progress McCarthy
ENGL 690 Topics in the English Language Special Topic:
History of the English Language
Summer 2004

ENGL 692 Topics in Rhetoric and Composition
Special Topic: Rhetorical Forms in the
Teaching of English
Summer 2005