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Advanced Graduate Teacher Education Programs

UMBC Master of Arts in Education

  • seeks to be a teacher leader?
  • believes reflective practice is critical for professional growth?
  • wants to fortify content knowledge while expanding your understanding promising educational practices?
  • is eager to mentor other teachers in their professional development?
The UMBC Master of Arts in Education (MAE) Program is designed for teachers who wish to examine and reflect upon their own classroom practice. Combining study in education and a range of academic disciplines, this program is aimed at practitioners who view critical inquiry as a major part of teachers' work. The program is not for those seeking administrative certification but rather for those interested in continuing work in classrooms and schools as a teacher leader. The UMBC MAE program responds to the need for more "highly qualified" teachers by requiring 18 semester hours in core education courses combined with 18 semester hours in a content specialty area.

The Masters of Arts in Education offers both on-campus and off campus programs for certified, experienced teachers. On-campus and off-campus programs share six core education courses(18 semester hours) in professional education. Off-campus or "Cohort" programs are collaboratively designed with schools districts to meet both the standards of the university and the goals of the school system. Examples of these programs are listed below in the areas of mathematics, science, S.T.E.M., and ESOL. Other programs have been developed through discussions among faculty members, school administration and teachers. On-campus programs are collaboratively designed with individuals to meet both the standards of the university and the goals of the experienced teacher.
Groups of Teachers Enrolled Through a Local Education Agency (LEA)
  • For elementary, middle, or high school teachers
  • Content areas include Mathematics, Science, STEM, and ESOL
  • Classes taught onsite at a LEA
  • Teachers identified through school district and must qualify for admission to the UMBC Graduate School
  • Content coursework customized to needs of teachers in specific school districts
  • Provides opportunities for teachers to become "highly qualified" while earning a master's degree
  • Graduate Certificates of 12 to 18 credits are available in
    • Secondary Science Inquiry-Based Pedagogy
    • Physical Science
    • STEM
    • K-8 Mathematics Instructional Leadership
    • ESOL
Individual Teachers
  • Individualized course of study based on personal interests and strengths, current teaching experiences, and long-range professional goals
  • Classes taught at UMBC or may be taken at a LEA

For additional information contact Jerri L. Frick