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The Standard Professional Certificate is the initial certificate issued for five years and renewable for a second five years if six additional credits have been taken. This certificate can be renewed only once.
The Advanced Professional Certificate is issued for ten years and is renewable every ten years if new certificate requirements (if any) are met. The requirements for the Advanced Professional Certificate must be met by the date of expiration of the Standard Professional Certificate. The requirements for the APC are 30 semester hours of postbaccalaureate course work, a master's degree, or master's equivalency and three years of successful teaching.
The Resident Teacher Certificate is a special certificate offered to persons interested in teaching and are employed on a provisional basis by a school district. Requirements include employment as a classroom teacher with a satisfactory performance evaluation, completion of 90 hours of instruction in pedagogy, and a satisfactory score on the National Teachers Examination (NTE). This certification is available in Baltimore City and a few other county school districts.
For more information, please visit Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) Certification Page.
MSDE Teacher Certification Process