E-Teacher General FAQs

What is the workshop focus?

The focus of the workshop is academic and cultural. Please see About the workshop.

Do I need to prepare or read any academic material prior to arrival?

Please bring your electronic E-Teacher course files (either on flash drive or hard drive from your laptop) of any required coursework from your course. The culmination of our Professional Development Workshop is a mini-conference whereby scholars present their refined project plans for disseminating the best practices for TESOL. Participants will incorporate content from their respective E-Teacher courses, current research, along with content from the professional development workshops to develop a training project for future implementation, thereby addressing the needs of their local ELT communities. In addition, proper APA style citation procedures will be required for all final projects.

Do I need to bring a laptop?

It is strongly recommended that you bring your own laptop. If you do not have a laptop to bring, please know, there are multiple locations on campus, in addition to the campus library, where you will have free access. You will be provided a UMBC user name and password at orientation to access our computers campus wide. Our campus library is closed Saturdays during the summer months, but is open Sundays from noon to 8:00pm.

*Remember you should bring an adapter to meet our US 110v electric current. It is not available for purchase on campus.

What is the program attire?

Your attire depends upon the three program you are attending.

All academic workshops require casual professional or ethnic attire. Casual professional means clothing that allows for movement during workshops in order to participate comfortably.

The Welcome Reception, Department of State visit and evening reception, E-Teacher Scholarship Professional Development Conferences, and Certificate Ceremony require formal attire. Formal attire means ethnic dress or the following professional conference attire:

Men: long pants, button-down shirt (tie & jacket is optional due to hot weather)

Women: skirt & professional blouse, professional dress, or professional pants & professional blouse.

All cultural visits are casual clothing. Casual clothing includes: shorts, t-shirts, and athletic shoes. You will also have access to the UMBC recreation center, so please keep this in mind if you wish to work out, swimming and tennis included, while you are here.

What are the program housing accommodations?

All participants will stay on campus in our Harbor Hall location. Each room will accommodate two participants and will have two separate bedrooms, a shared living room and a shared bathroom. There will also be a shared community area. Participants are responsible for the upkeep of their rooms. All cleaning materials and paper products will be provided. In addition, laundry machines (coin-operated) and ironing boards are available on each floor and are self-service throughout the program. Linens and blankets are provided for all, but laundry service is not included.

What expenses are covered by the program?

All of your program meals, housing, and transportation costs to and from the US (minus in-country travel and personal expenses) as well as program sponsored cultural visits are covered by the program. Please note the following:

  • Direct country to country air travel from the closest local international airport to the US and return
  • Per diem for meals during out of town cultural visits (includes hotel accommodations for the Washington, DC Department of State scheduled visit)

How much cash should I bring for the three week program?

Please consider bringing extra cash and/or credit card for your personal expenses outside of the program. If you are not sure how much to bring and would like to discuss this further, please contact Teresa Valais.

To offer a basic point of reference or idea, a cup of coffee, tea, or soda outside is roughly $2 and an average dinner is $30 in Baltimore City, and higher in the other cities you will travel to such as NYC, Philly, and DC. Additional expenses would include transportation off campus for unscheduled visits and shopping using taxis, trains, or bus services.

What is the Baltimore weather like in July?

Baltimore weather in July is relatively hot. Typical temperatures are 95 - 104 degrees Fahrenheit which converts to 35 - 40 degrees Celsius. Please note when the weather is very hot, (like 104), we will have afternoon thunderstorms, so please pack an umbrella!



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"I was a dead teacher...now I'm back to life teaching English with fun!"
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"The cross cultural experience...was fantastic and unforgettable!"
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