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About the Dormitories
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ELI students may apply to live in UMBC's on-campus housing. On-campus housing offers excellent cultural and learning opportunities:

  • Meet U.S. students and other international students.
  • Become more involved in UMBC campus life and activities.
  • Practice speaking English!

Potomac Hall dormitory

Potomac Hall dormitory

About the Dormitories

  • Shared rooms (usually two students per room)
  • Shared bathrooms (usually four students per bathroom)
  • Includes basic furniture (bed, desk, chair, closet), Internet access (Ethernet), a telephone, and access to cable television
  • Special activities and events every week in the dormitories
  • Potomac Hall is open all year, including holiday breaks (called "continuous occupancy"). Most international students prefer Potomac Hall because it is always open. (The other dormitories close during Thanksgiving, winter, and spring breaks.)
  • Special community options -- for example, "Intercultural Living Exchange" (for students with international interests),"quiet lifestyle areas" (with longer quiet hours), and more.
Potomac Hall dormitory Floor plan

Dormitory room and Potomac Hall floor plan

Dormitory Cost

Room Type


Cost per Semester

Double (two person) room

Chesapeake, Erickson, Harbor, Patapsco, Potomac, Susquehanna

$3,188 per semester
(plus $175 Internet fee)

Triple (three person) room

Chesapeake, Patapsco, Potomac, Susquehanna

$2,246 per semester
(plus $175 Internet fee)

Double room with continuous occupancy
(open during holiday vacations)


$3,302 per semester
(plus $175 Internet fee)

Single (one person) room


Extra $284 per semester

* The communication fee is for Internet (Ethernet) and telephone services (digital phone with voicemail).

Meal Plans

Students who live in UMBC dormitories must buy a meal plan that offers 10 meals per week or more. Students who live in Potomac Hall's "continuous occupancy" housing will also buy a meal plan during the winter term (a four-week vacation period in January).

The largest on-campus cafeteria is adjacent to the dormitories and offers a wide selection of food. Students with meal plans may also eat at other dining facilities on campus. Below are examples of several popular UMBC meal plans. For more information and more meal plan options, click here.

Meals per Week

Cost per Semester

Extra Cost per Winter Term
(approximate; for students in "continuous occupancy" housing)

Unlimited meals per week



14 meals per week



10 meals per week



Important Note About Holidays:

On-campus food service is not available when UMBC is closed for the following holidays: Thanksgiving (4 days in November), Christmas (2 weeks in December) and Spring Break (4 days in March). Students may make arrangements in advance of these campus closures to buy meals using their Flex spending dollars. Students should contact Food Services at 410-455-2188 to make these arrangements.

Apply for Housing

Students who wish to live on campus should send their completed Housing Application to the ELI.

We recommend that you apply for on-campus housing 8 weeks or more before your ELI studies.

Important Notes:

  • Campus housing is very popular and fills quickly. For best consideration, apply at least 8 weeks before you plan to begin your ELI studies.
  • Housing is often particularly limited for students who wish to begin in October. Contact the ELI in advance to learn if housing will be available at this time.
  • After the ELI receives your housing application, we can confirm housing availability. If housing is available, we will request a deposit of $200 to secure your reservation.