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Faculty Research Chart

Faculty Research Areas

Biomaterials Engineering Bioprocess Engineering Cellular Engineering Engineering Education and Outreach Sensors and Monitoring Systems Biology and Functional Genomics Environmental Fate and Transport Water Resources Treatment/Remediation
Bayles, Taryn Melkus       Yes          
Blaney, Lee         Yes   Yes   Yes
Castellanos, Mariajose   Yes   Yes   Yes      
Enszer, Joshua       Yes          
Frey, Douglas D   Yes              
Ghosh, Upal         Yes   Yes   Yes
Good, Theresa Yes   Yes            
Hennigan, Christopher             Yes    
Leach, Jennie B. Yes   Yes   Yes        
Marten, Mark R.   Yes Yes     Yes      
Moreira, Antonio   Yes       Yes      
Rao, Govind   Yes Yes   Yes        
Reed, Brian                 Yes
Ross, Julia M.     Yes Yes          
Welty, Claire         Yes   Yes Yes