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September 12, 2006

Engineering Conference at the University of Wisconsin

Dear Mechanical Engineering Students,

I am forwarding an announcement from Kelly Burton of the University of Wisconsin on an up-coming conference for graduate studies at UW Madison. Please review and apply if interested.


Dr. Panos Charalambides

Dear Colleague:

We are asking for your assistance in identifying students at your institution who may have an interest in pursuing graduate degrees in engineering at the University of Wisconsin. The conference recruits students with majors in engineering, chemistry, physics, mathematics, and computer science. Please share with your students the following opportunity:

Each year the College of Engineering at the University of Wisconsin Madison hosts a three-day graduate recruitment event known as *The Opportunities in Engineering Conference, *scheduled for November 8-12, 2006.* *The conference gives selected students an opportunity to hear faculty research presentations, tour laboratories, meet with current graduate students and individually with faculty in the students area of interest, and tour the city of Madison as well as the UW campus. _All expenses including travel, housing, and food are paid in full by the College of Engineering (with the exception of food for Saturday and Sunday)_. We are particularly interested in identifying underrepresented candidates including women and students of color. All applicants should be in their Junior or Senior year. Application deadline is *September 29, 2006.

*Students are encouraged to apply on-line at: For more information on opportunities available at the University of Wisconsin, please refer students to the College of Engineering website at: .

If you have any questions about the application process or services available at the College of Engineering, please do not hesitate to contact me. I can be reached at (608) 263-4583 or .


Kelly Burton
Opportunities in Engineering Conference Coordinator
University of Wisconsin Madison

Kelly Burton, MSE, NCC
Graduate Student Services Coordinator
Graduate Engineering Research Scholars Program
College of Engineering
University of Wisconsin Madison

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September 7, 2006

NIDAQmx available for students to download

For those in a class that need NIDAQ to complete their projects and or homework - the student version can be downloaded here.

NIDAQ to complement student Labview

Installation Directions for NIDAQ

Readme for NIDAQ

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August 16, 2006

ENME811M will be offered for Fall '06

Dear Students,

This is to let you know that thanks to Dr. Anjanappa's dedicated effort, we have been able to identify an experienced instructor for the ENME403. This will allow Dr. Anjanappa to offer the ENME811M course as scheduled.

Because of this, ENME811M - Mechatronics System Design will be offered if 5 or more students remain enrolled in the course. As of this time, five students are indeed enrolled in this course.

Best regards

Dr. Panos Charalambides
Chair of Mechanical Engineering

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July 6, 2006

Dr. Weidong Zhu presents at ELEVCON 2006 in Helsinki, Finland

Dr. Weidong Zhu, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at UMBC, presented at ELEVCON 2006, The 16th International Congress on Vertical Transportation Technologies.

The conference was organized by the International Association of Elevator Engineers (IAEE). It addresses technical issues related to destinational control, miniaturization, and ride quality of elevator systems. It was attended by engineers and managers from the elevator industry as well as academics doing research on elevator systems. The conference provides a forum for exchanging technical information on vertical transportation technologies.

Please continue reading below for more information about Dr. Zhu's research and presentation at this important conference.

Title of the poster:

Damped, Forced Lateral Responses of Cable-Car Systems in High-Speed Elevators

Abstract of the poster:

Control of the lateral vibration of cable-car systems in high-speed
elevators subjected to external excitations, such as pulley eccentricity, guide rail irregularity, and building sway, is studied in this paper. The controller is a point-wise, linear, viscous damper contacting the hoist cable, and the hoist cable is modeled as a tensioned beam with variable length, with and without natural damping. Both rigid and flexible suspensions of the elevator car against the guide rails are considered, and the car is modeled as a rigid body in the former and a lumped mass in the latter. Different mounting schemes of the damper are discussed and their control effects are compared. Special transformations are used to calculate the uncontrolled and controlled, forced responses and vibratory
energies. Based on the simulation results, guidelines to optimize the
damper design in terms of vibratory energies are indicated.

Summary of our research as it relates to the focus of the conference:

We developed new methods to analyze the dynamic response of elevator
systems, which involve suspension cables with variable length. We
explained for the first time the unstable shortening cable behavior
encountered in the elevator industry and developed new methods to suppress the vibration of elevator systems. The results can be used to optimize the design of high-speed elevators and imporve the ride quality of elevator systems.

Dr. Zhu's research relates to the focus on ride quality of elevators.

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November 17, 2005

Welcome to the Mechanical Engineering Blog at UMBC

This blog has been created to post current events, scholarship opportunities, internships, and other information about what is currently going on in Mechanical Engineering.

Check back often, as we will be adding much information as it becomes available.

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