Strategic Plan Objective
Maintain an active Industrial Advisory Board for a continuous linkage to industry.

The Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) is constituted by a select group of representatives from industry and government, whose advice will be sought by the College of Engineering on academic matters and general trends in engineering education and research. IAB is a forum where ideas are exchanged and recommendations made, a forum providing direct communication between the College and the engineering profession, promoting the academic excellence of the College. Establishing a strong and active IAB will be an essential priority in our strategic plan.

Provide a forum in which curriculum development and instruction (undergraduate and graduate), research and professional development can be discussed and policies formulated.

Educational and applied research programs are to be attuned to the needs of industry. Advise the College in developing both strategic (long range) and tactical (short range) Laboratory and Computer plans, along with implementation schedules. Formulate outreach projects: recruiting, retaining and placing students in co-ops/internships, as well as jobs/careers.

The IAB will consist of about 25 members serving for three years (renewable) representing a wide spectrum of industries and corporations.

Alumni should be selected whenever possible. Prospective IAB members will be identified by the Dean with help from the Vice President for Institutional Advancement and with considerable input from faculty.

The IAB will have two regular meetings per year, in the fall and spring semesters with smaller groups (subcommittees) meeting throughout the year and working on specific initiatives.

IAB meetings will be run by a Chair appointed by the Dean and minutes on discussions and recommendations will be kept. The regular meeting will start with breakfast and take approximately half of a day. An agenda will be distributed in advance, to prepare for the meeting and permit timely faculty input. Each member is encouraged to offer constructive suggestions on how the stature of the College can be enhanced, through improved instruction, increased research, more effective faculty and student recruitment and retention, curriculum development and infrastructure enhancement (facilities and equipment). The IAB provides the forum for an open channel of communication between the academic and industrial communities. After each meeting, the Dean will report to the faculty on the deliberations and recommendations for action.