Ryan Bloom

Ryan Bloom received his MFA from The American University in Washington, D.C., where he undertook a multidisciplinary study of Literary Translation, Fiction, and Composition Education. His work-translation, fiction, poetry, and nonfiction-has appeared in places such as The Arabesques Review, Attic, The Baltimore Sun, Bird and Moon, The Current, Horizon Magazine, and The Orlando Sentinel.

In May 2008, his English translation of Nobel-laureate Albert Camus' Notebooks 1951-1959 was published by Rowman and Littlefield / Ivan R. Dee. The translation was met with positive reviews all around, including Michael Dirda writing in The Washington Post: “It's simply a pure and bountiful good to have this book available in English,” and Marilyn Gaddis-Rose, founder in 1971 of the nation's first PhD program in translation, adding: “Ryan Bloom has superbly contextualized his highly readable translation of Camus' last working notebooks. His translator's note [is] a model of its kind.”

In May 2009, the Notebooks were officially selected as one of five nominees for the French-American and Florence Gould Foundation's superiority in translation award. Currently, Ryan is at work on three novellas, two translations, a collection of short fiction, and a collection of essays.