Mary Hickernell

Mary Hickernell is an Instructor/Editor in the English Department, and since 1999, serves the campus as Writing Coordinator in the Learning Resources Center. She received a Master of Liberal Arts degree from The Johns Hopkins University. Her teaching interests and administrative responsibilities intersect at many points. Not only does she teach first-year writing, she supervises testing to determine writing placements for incoming students. She coordinates the UMBC Writing Center and teaches an academic course to prepare its student tutors not only to work there but also to earn national certification.

Ms. Hickernell teaches advanced writing courses in argument and technical writing and is a member of UMBC's Writing Board, which includes implementing the recently-instituted upper-level requirement for Writing in the Disciplines (WID). Her academic interests include tutoring and composition, and she participates in writing center conferences and area meetings that discuss these disciplines. Ms. Hickernell has also been invited to speak on writing issues by many campus constituencies, including the Graduate Student Association, Introduction to an Honors University seminars, and faculty from Art, Social Work, the Honors College, and Engineering.